Day 4 Video Challenge: My Greatest Weakness…and How I’m Choosing to Stop This

One of the characteristics people tend to admire about me is how much I get done in any given day. I so value that people see that in how I work and in what I do. However, it’s been something I’m honing in on – and it’s taken years to get it to the place I am today, which isn’t anywhere near perfect. I’m working on it though.

Doing is great – but so is planning…and so is taking your time to create something you truly love bloom and blossom in the way it naturally forms. There’s a reason it takes 9 months to create and then birth a baby, ya know?

Enjoy the video. I hope you can relate – and even if not, my hope is that you can begin to take the challenge I gave at the end of the video to heart…so that in the choices you make, you start to feel great about them as well.

Keep shining, my friend!

Video Challenge Day 3: How Essential Oils Changed My Family’s Health

I’m adding just ONE more video for you tonight for the Love Yourself For Life and this time it was a toughie! It was a FREE Choice video, so I ended up playing Russian Roulette and decided to talk about Essential Oils. I realized I’ve learned so much from She Shines Wellness and made sure you had a shout out, Casey Sollock! xo Here you go!