Day 4 Video Challenge: My Greatest Weakness…and How I’m Choosing to Stop This

One of the characteristics people tend to admire about me is how much I get done in any given day. I so value that people see that in how I work and in what I do. However, it’s been something I’m honing in on – and it’s taken years to get it to the place I am today, which isn’t anywhere near perfect. I’m working on it though.

Doing is great – but so is planning…and so is taking your time to create something you truly love bloom and blossom in the way it naturally forms. There’s a reason it takes 9 months to create and then birth a baby, ya know?

Enjoy the video. I hope you can relate – and even if not, my hope is that you can begin to take the challenge I gave at the end of the video to heart…so that in the choices you make, you start to feel great about them as well.

Keep shining, my friend!