Life and Learning: I Decided to Do a Video Challenge on Bed Rest :)

Happy Day to you!

So, I decided to join Tina Spriggs’ Love Yourself For Life 30 Day Video Challenge.

I have learned a lot from Tina about being true to yourself and how to love yourself no matter what others say. I’ve chosen to do this while on bed rest (because I know I’m a bit crazy) because it gives me something to do that stimulates my mind to think about how I’m changing and growing personally and professionally.

So, each day (until Baby #3 arrives) I’ll share my video challenge with you for the day. I’ll post it over on the FB page as well if you’d like to receive it over there. I hope it can create a “ripple effect” and by watching the videos, you too can gain something for yourself – or not. You can watch them and just laugh at me.  xo – Maruxa