Three Flames Meditation by Kerri Hummingbird

kindness-1353773_1920I had the great privilege of meeting a fantastic woman yesterday, Kerri Hummingbird, Life Catalyst. As I connected with her on the topic of motherhood, we discussed how we often are trying to make sense of the change and the crazy world we live in. I think as we fear, we start to diminish our power to create change and feel helpless.  We just got through an election that made so many of us fearful for what may come next for anyone that doesn’t fit the status quo or feel welcomed to the slogan “Make America Great Again”. Bottom line is, however, you today have a choice to be who you want to be and you’ll be surrounded by people that want to be around you because you are…YOU.

I hope this short meditation can help you remember the person you REALLY are and the change you want to bring to the world. Enjoy with love. <3

Life and Learning: I Decided to Do a Video Challenge on Bed Rest :)

Happy Day to you!

So, I decided to join Tina Spriggs’ Love Yourself For Life 30 Day Video Challenge.

I have learned a lot from Tina about being true to yourself and how to love yourself no matter what others say. I’ve chosen to do this while on bed rest (because I know I’m a bit crazy) because it gives me something to do that stimulates my mind to think about how I’m changing and growing personally and professionally.

So, each day (until Baby #3 arrives) I’ll share my video challenge with you for the day. I’ll post it over on the FB page as well if you’d like to receive it over there. I hope it can create a “ripple effect” and by watching the videos, you too can gain something for yourself – or not. You can watch them and just laugh at me.  xo – Maruxa

What Does It Really Mean to Inspire Awesome?

inspire and expand your awesomeInspire awesome is what you do when you’re living your full form, the fullness of what God created within you – it is your greatness! Inspire Awesome is what you do when you choose to take advantage of all that God has made you to be – and this includes your crazy, quirky, ecstatic YOU. You create a ripple effect and you let your light shine…and therefore other people feel the permission to let out their awesome!
Inspire Awesome is what you do within yourself when you choose and take action on the gifts, talents, and experiences that God provided for you. It is already within you right now – and it is yearning to be tapped!
Awesome is what you do to others when you let your light shine let it shine brilliantly! Inspire Awesome is what you invite others to do on a regular basis because of your passion and because of your drive and your choice to take the risk to move mountains in the way that you’re made to do.
Ready to Inspire Awesome? Let’s do this. :)