A Blessing in Disguise

Count Your Blessings in DisguiseI’m finding myself stuck in a Starbucks without wi-fi. Something like the security of the server cannot be determined and honestly, life’s too short to risk getting a virus on my computer or whatnot. My to-do list needs to get done but honestly, I’d rather wait until I can get on a secure network than risk us getting hacked. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to get some writing done for you – something I’ve so wanted to do for so long but always seem to put off for something that seems more important.

A money maker.

Yes, of course, I do like to make a living, and the books I’ve published for myself and other forms of passive income I’ve created do that for me…but what worth does giving from the heart have? I put it off and put it off again and again, but it’s this work – the work I do to invite others to living out their best lives – that’s the work that drives me, really.

I get to do that through the children’s books for sure (and there will be more coming soon simply because I love writing them!), and I get to do that when I work with entrepreneurs looking to get their message out in their own unique and powerful way, but there’s this inner voice that has been saying, “Maruxa, what if you share what you know can impact millions of lives to fully live intentionally, on purpose, with a mission? What if moms and dads, aunts and uncles, grandparents and godparents hear you and begin to choose to transform the way they are challenging their status quo and the “shoulds” in their life for something greater….and therefore, their children’s lives are changed….and future generations of people see themselves worthy of who God created them to be – simply because the influencers in their lives chose to look at their own challenges to living a life they feel they are called to living?”

What if?

I think this wi-fi issue is a blessing in disguise. Otherwise, I may be checking Facebook to see who else is having a baby or what so-and-so’s kids are up to, or checking in on a marketing campaign for one of our books. All that stuff is good, and fun, and lovely, but I know that God’s been calling me to this message. To stop writing and talking only about marketing strategies to captivate clients or how to create the next best virtual event, all of which I had a blast creating hundreds of products and trainings about and sharing with my clients over the last 5 years of owning my own companies. Instead, I know He’s calling me to continue writing to impact our collective communities, and getting back to my roots – the desire I’ve always had to sit with men and women in coffee shops and really HEAR them.

Hear the heart, the desires, the gifts, the legacy they want to leave for themselves and the next generation, and share in that goodness with them.

Invite them to making those desires their reality with God’s provision.

To listen and lean into all God wants for them.

To hold up the mirror to the men and women God truly intended them to be….and quite possibly, I can share with them, with you – how I’ve been able to live “out of the box” over the last five years and do both…follow God’s path while creating an income that my family and I can live off of and enjoy our lives.

Here’s the thing though – this journey wasn’t JUST about choosing to do this. It was definitely about DOING it. Each day. One small step after one small step. Forward. Backward. Sideways. All of it. But that’s the beauty in the journey of owning what God has for you, depending on Him for all things, and continuing to take action. And oh my friend, it gets very uncomfortable. But it’s in that uncomfortable place that we grow tremendously.

I’m about this. I’m about getting out of comfort zones so that this journey on this Earth has a purpose for each of us. I’m about loving everyone – no matter who you are, your race, gender, whether you’re gay or not, homeless, home-filled…no matter your age. God has a purpose for your life, and I am here to join you in the conversation to that discovery for yourself. Changing the world starts with you and me, and we can do this together.

What Does It Really Mean to Inspire Awesome?

inspire and expand your awesomeInspire awesome is what you do when you’re living your full form, the fullness of what God created within you – it is your greatness! Inspire Awesome is what you do when you choose to take advantage of all that God has made you to be – and this includes your crazy, quirky, ecstatic YOU. You create a ripple effect and you let your light shine…and therefore other people feel the permission to let out their awesome!
Inspire Awesome is what you do within yourself when you choose and take action on the gifts, talents, and experiences that God provided for you. It is already within you right now – and it is yearning to be tapped!
Awesome is what you do to others when you let your light shine let it shine brilliantly! Inspire Awesome is what you invite others to do on a regular basis because of your passion and because of your drive and your choice to take the risk to move mountains in the way that you’re made to do.
Ready to Inspire Awesome? Let’s do this. :)