Get Your Creativity Flowing Again

Do you ever feel stuck in a rut? Like things are just plodding along… and you crave the spark that being truly creative provides. This episode of “I Want What You’re Having” provides a close look at what it truly means to be creative… the places to look for our hidden creativity… and how to get your creative juices flowing!

All part of this month’s look at coming alive again!

Check out the latest podcast episode of I Want What You’re Having!

#037: The True Fountain of Youth


This week Maruxa and Therese dig into a topic that you may think you have handled… but you are actually missing the mark. Self-care is not an item that you can put on your to-do list, go thought the motions, check it off and still get the benefits.  And it certainly does not have the impact it can if you feel you deserve it… “I ‘should’ be able to get my nails done because I worked hard this week.”


Are you one of the many people running around, working hard and trying to prove that you are worthy? What would you do differently if you operated from a place of knowing that you already ARE worthy? … How would self-care change for you then?




Join Therese and Maruxa as they talk about these concepts and unpack what works best for them and their clients… uncovering the true fountain of youth and energy.


Check out the latest podcast episode of I Want What You’re Having!