What Does It Really Mean to Inspire Awesome?

inspire and expand your awesomeInspire awesome is what you do when you’re living your full form, the fullness of what God created within you – it is your greatness! Inspire Awesome is what you do when you choose to take advantage of all that God has made you to be – and this includes your crazy, quirky, ecstatic YOU. You create a ripple effect and you let your light shine…and therefore other people feel the permission to let out their awesome!
Inspire Awesome is what you do within yourself when you choose and take action on the gifts, talents, and experiences that God provided for you. It is already within you right now – and it is yearning to be tapped!
Awesome is what you do to others when you let your light shine let it shine brilliantly! Inspire Awesome is what you invite others to do on a regular basis because of your passion and because of your drive and your choice to take the risk to move mountains in the way that you’re made to do.
Ready to Inspire Awesome? Let’s do this. :)

#008 The Community Conundrum

How can you create a life that feels empowering, alive, and challenges you to be more of who you were created to be? Today’s episode digs into how your community can impact your ability to make change and live a life you love. 

In this episode, you will learn:

- How to build a community that feels good to you
- What community actually is and what it is not
- What to do when you’ve been burned by community in the past and don’t trust that this is a “good” thing

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#007 Authenticity Rock-Star Roundtable

Faydra Koenig, David Gonzales, and Anni Boyum share there secrets about authenticity and how they create lives that leave others saying, “I Want What You’re Having!” Listen in as Therese and Maruxa get curious about the wisdom these three have to share and as fantastic stories and real-life examples are vulnerably shared. 


There is just nothing better than getting real with really cool people.

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#006 Physical Authenticity

Authentic leadership can show up when you are aware of what it feels like to be authentic and when it does not. Learn how to know when your body is feeling something authentically versus when you are trying to impress or please others. In this episode, Therese and Maruxa talk about how to tune into and leverage this powerful tool, so that you can identify what you want from your heart, and trust your instincts.

And for what it’s worth, stick around until the end for an extra bit of fun! :-)

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#005 Be Irresistible IWWYH

Join Therese and Maruxa as they dig into and demonstrate the power of authenticity! Authenticity can be illucive when there are patterns that run us without our knowing… in this episode of “I Want What You’re Having” Therese and Maruxa talk about what it takes to uncover those patterns and be more you than ever while magnetically drawing frinds and clients to you!

Check out the latest podcast episode of I Want What You’re Having!